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Tornike Asatiani - Co-founder & COO of Edumentors

Top A Level Tutors on Edumentors

It is important to find the right tutor if you want to improve your chances of getting A*-s and more importantly, getting an offer from your dream university. Here are some of our top A level tutors handpicked for you:

1. Rueben from the University College London (UCL)

“I have a proven track record in exam success, achieving 10A* at IGCSE level and 2A* and 2A’s at A-Levels. I am happy to assist your child in either IGCSE, GCSE or A-Level studies, irrespective of exam board.”

2. Zac from the University of Warwick

“I have always loved studying Physics and Maths and have over 3 years experience as a Maths tutor, both in secondary school and privately at GCSE and A-Level.”

3. Adèle from the University College London (UCL)

“I have experience tailoring my tutoring to different age-groups and the tools available to me thanks to my mom -which works as a speech/language therapist- have been incredibly useful for this. My older sister is dyslexic and my little brother has very low eyesight and I would frequently help them study and practice their writing with me when we lived together. Personally, I have always had a very low attention span which I have managed to master thanks to study methods that I would happily share with others.”

4. Jessica from the Durham University

“I am Jess, a biology student at Durham University. I have around 130 hours of professional tutoring experience, specifically tutoring KS3/GCSE maths and science, as well as A-level biology.”

5. Ella from the Cardiff University

“Growing up, I struggled to engage in the classroom and it wasn’t until I began reading regularly that I discovered my love for learning and writing. Through tutoring, I will help students strive for that moment of satisfaction when understanding something new and provide a fresh and supportive perspective during stressful times.”

What are A Level Exams?

A levels are internationally recognised and subject-based qualifications in the UK. If you need tutoring, it’s important to work with top A level tutors. A levels open up different future paths for you – you can’t go to university without A levels and some jobs require you to have taken A levels.

There are no mandatory subjects, you choose the ones that are in university requirements. You can check their website for that information or even contact them on the phone or via email.

A levels are way harder than GCSEs and good grades in A level exams are important since they can make or break your future career. That’s why finding a good tutor might help you in ways you can’t even imagine!

How to Choose Subjects for A Levels?

A level programme is for two years and your subject choices can influence your future job opportunities a lot. Hence, you should choose them carefully.

There are subjects that are considered the hardest subjects in A levels and the easiest subjects in A levels. However, you should not choose subjects where you get a guaranteed A. It’s better to get a B in more respected subjects like maths than get an A* in more of a soft subject. Top choice universities have their preferred subjects listed on their websites. 

There are 5 main categories of subjects in A levels and it is advised to choose subjects from differing categories to not limit your future career choices. Categories are maths, sciences, languages, humanities and vocational. Students normally take 4 subjects at A levels, but you can take as many as you want, there are no limitations. You can choose any subject from approximately 80 subjects. If you want to read more tips, read how to choose A level subjects.

If you have additional questions, you can always get help with choosing A level subjects. The best way to get that is to speak with students who already took A levels and received the best grades. On Edumentors, you can find tutors from Cambridge, Oxford, Warwick and other big UK universities. Book a free session with them and ask for their advice – they may even help with the application process! In addition, you can always hire them long-term to help you with your respective subjects at A levels!

How to Prepare for A Levels with the Help From Top A Level Tutors?

Top A Level Tutors - Tutor and Tutee Studying
Top A Level Tutors – Tutor and Tutee Studying

There are many online free resources for A levels. There are A level courses, practice papers, mock tests and etc. You can always join communities where other students can help you with your questions too. However, if you feel like your school and online resources may not be enough for you and want to ensure you get excellent A-level grades, tutoring is for you. Tutors can get you extra help with A levels through personalised help and emotional support. They can schedule sessions when you need them and help you with revision too – it is advised to start revising four to five weeks before your A level. You can check out the top revision methods in 2023.

Different Tutoring Services to Find Top A Level Tutors

There are several tutoring options for you to choose from. If you want to meet your tutor face-to-face, in-person tutors can be found from other people’s recommendations, tutoring centres in your town or online communities. Group tutoring can be helpful if you don’t need special help with your studying – you will also get new friends and you can help each other with A levels too!

Online tutoring is when the tutor and tutee have sessions via video conferencing apps. Read here about the benefits of learning online and teaching kids online – challenges and solutions

Why Should You Choose Online Tutoring?

The benefits of online tutoring are numerous. Online tutoring is the most convenient way to get a good education. You don’t have to leave your house, which makes learning very accessible and flexible. If something comes up, you can always reschedule your meetings and have a session at night as well! Of course, you should not require your tutor to do that, it’s only possible if all parties involved are comfortable with the arrangement. 

How Should the First Meeting of Student and Tutor Go?

They should be able to explain their study plan and long-term schedule details since A levels are not an easy exam to pass! They should have a curriculum which will give you an idea of how they teach and how much material you’ll consume during the session. However, the curriculum might change according to your needs. And that’s the next characteristic you should ask them about. Are they flexible? Great tutors can adjust their teaching methods to the tutee’s learning style – personalisation is what makes them great.

The tutor should be able to give you constant feedback to help you grow. A comfortable learning environment is essential to be productive, if you don’t feel quite right with your tutor, they may not be the right fit for you!

What’s Next?

There are many great online tutoring services, one of them – Edumentors. All tutors are handpicked by educational experts from UK’s best universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, Warwick, etc. and undergo a robust quality check process. In other words, if you dream about a university, Edumentors will have a tutor from there.

The pros of having a tutor from a top university are that they all have to go through the same process as you are going through now. 11 Plus, GCSE, A levels, etc. They scored highest on all those exams and were successful in the university selection process. They also have the most up-to-date knowledge of the job market because they are receiving offers from all top companies in the world.

This is why they would be the best mentor for you. They can teach you tips and tricks on how to pass the A level exams with A*-s and help you with the university application preparation. They might even open some doors with introductions and experience sharing for you to improve your chances of getting into your dream university. Go to edumentors.co.uk now and see who could be your perfect match to help in A level subjects and book a free introduction call to see what you could get out of them!


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